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Receive emails about when you free trial of Cam Plus is about to end or when your paid subscription is about to end. You will still get the relevant transactional messages no matter your setting here, but this will turn off any optional messages.

Frequency 1-2 emails per month - If you are part of the Early Access backer program, you will get notified of products and other info early! To become part of the program, you need to purchase a product during an Early Access product launch. If you unsubscribe from this list you will still be an Early Access backer (assuming you are in the program), but will no longer get Early Access backer emails.

Get notified when an upcoming product is available.

Users that subscribes this group want to get notified when the WCO is launched to the public.

Receive emails about how to subscribe and set up Wyze Home Monitoring. Note: These emails only send to those that request them through the Wyze Home Monitoring tab in the Wyze app.

Frequency 2-4 emails per month - Get the Wyze newsletters, which include the latest news from Wyze on products, promotions, and our general shenanigans. We try to be as transparent as possible about what goes on.